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 AAND  Area Air Navigational Department 
 ABI  Advanced Boundary Information (ground/ground message) 
 ACARS  Aircraft Communications, Addressing, and Reporting System
 ACAS  Airborne Collision Avoidance System
 ACC  Area Control Centre
 ACH  ATC Flight Plan Change
 ACI  Airports Council International
 ACK  Acknowledgement
 ACL  ATC Clearances (service), referred to as "CIC" in the ODIAC Documentation.
 ACM  ATC Communications Management (service)
 ACT  (flight plan) ACTivation Message Designator (OLDI) (ground/ground 
 ADAGES  Action Plan Definition on the basis of Architecture studies from GAAS for 
 ADEP  Aerodrome of Departure
 ADES  Aerodrome of Destination
 ADEXP  ATS Data Exchange Presentation
 ADF  Automatic Direction Finder
 ADIZ  Air Defence Identification Zone
 ADLP  Airborne Data Link Processor
 ADMAR  Abgesetzte Darstellung von Maastricht Radar Daten (Remote Display of 
 MADAP Radar Data)
 ADMAR2000  ADMAR 2000
 ADS  Automatic Dependent Surveillance (an ATN application) 
 ADS (B)  Automatic Dependent Surveillance (Broadcast) [an ICAO datalink application]
 ADSP  Automatic Dependent Surveillance Panel (an ICAO group)
 AEA  Association of European Airlines
 AEEC  Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
 AENA  Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navegacion Aerea (E)
 AFIL  Air-Filed Flight Plan
 AFIS  Airport Flight Information Service
 AFL  Actual Flight Level
 AFN  ATS Facilities Notification (the FANS-1/A application used for DLIC in 
 AFPL  ADEXP Format Individual Flight Plan Message
 AFTN  Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
 A/G  Air/Ground
 Ahdg  Assigned heading
 AIC  Aeronautical Information Circular
 AID  Aircraft Identification; the flight’s 24-bit address
 AIDC  ATC Inter-centre Data Communications
 AIFSS  Automated International Flight Service Station
 AIG  ACAS Implementation Group
 AIM  Air Traffic Flow Management Information Message
 AIP  Aeronautical Information Publication
 AIRAC  Aeronautical Information, Regulation and Control
 AIS  Aeronautical Information Services
 AISAP  AIS Automation Panel
 ALLA  ATN Lower Layer Access (part of the PETAL-II Front-End Processor 
 AMAN  Arrival Manager
 AMASS  Airport Movement Area Safety Systems
 AMC  ATC Microphone Check (service)
 AMHS  Aeronautical Message Handling System
 AMIS  Aircraft Movement Information Service 
 AMJ  Advisory Material Joint
 AMSS  Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
 AMT  ADS Mediterranean Trials
 ANM  ATFM Notification Message
 ANP  Air Navigation Plan
 ANS  Air Navigation Services
 ANSP  Air Navigation Service Provider
 ANT  Airspace and Navigation Team
 AO  Aircraft Operator
 AOA  Aircraft Operating Agency
 AOC  Airline Operational Communications
 AOPA  Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
 APAS  Action de Promotion d'Accompagnement et de Soutien
 API  Application Program Interface
 APL  ATC Flight Plan
 APP  Approach Control (Office/Service)
 APT  Airports (Centre of Expertise)
 ARC 2000  Advanced Research in Air Traffic Control post-2000
 ARCID  Aircraft Identification
 ARCTYP  Aircraft type (ADEXP)
 ARINC  Aeronautical Radio INCorporated
 ARN  ATS Route Network
 ARO  Air Traffic Services Reporting Office
 ARPL  ADEXP Format Repetitive Flight Plan Message
 ARR  Arrival Message
 ARSR  Air Route Surveillance Radar
 ART  Analysis and Replay Tool
 ARTAS  ATC Radar Tracker and Server
 ARTCC  Air Route Traffic Control Centre (FAA)
 ASAS  Airborne Separation Assurance System
 ASDE  Airfield Surface Detection Equipment
 ASE  Application Service Element
 ASECNA  Agence pour la Securite de la Navigation Aerienne
 ASMAC  Automated System for the Management of Aeronautical Information and 
 ASMT  ATM Safety Monitoring Tool
 ASN.1  Abstract Syntax Notation One, an international standard for specifying data
 Aspd  Assigned speed
 ASTERIX   All-purpose Structured EUROCONTROL Radar Information Exchange
 ASTP  ADS Studies and Trials Project
 ATA  Actual Time of Arrival
 ATARS  Athinai Terminal Area Radar System
 ATC  Air Traffic Control
 ATCC  Air Traffic Control Centre
 ATCO  Air Traffic Control Officer
 ATD  Actual Time of Departure
 ATE  Automatic Test Equipment
 ATFM  Air Traffic Flow Management
 ATFMU  Air Traffic Flow Management Unit
 ATIF  ATN Trials Infrastructure
 ATIS  Automatic Terminal Information Services
 ATM  Air Traffic Management
 ATMC  Air Traffic Management Centre
 ATN  Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (can include in it’s meaning the 
 ATN applications such as CM, CPDLC, and ADS) 
 ATNP  Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Panel
 ATNSI  ATN Systems Incorporated
 ATO  Actual Time Over
 ATOT  Actual Take-Off Time
 ATS  Air Traffic Services
 ATSEP  Air Traffic Services Engineering Personnel
 ATSU  Air Traffic Services Unit.A generic term meaning variously, air traffic control 
 unit, flight information centre, or air traffic control service (area control 
 services reporting office
 ATX  Actual Exit Time
 AVENUE  ATM Validation Environment for Use towards EATMS
 AV  Airspace Volume
 AVPAC  Aviation VHF Packet Communications
 AWG  American Wire Gauss
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