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 CAA  Civil Aviation Authority
 CADF  Centralised Airspace Data Function
 CAMOS  Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support
 CANAC  Computer-Assisted National Air Traffic Control Centre (B)
 CAP  Capacity
 CAP  Controller Access Parameters
 CAPAN  Capacity Analyser
 CAPH  Client Available Position Hours
 CAPTS  Co-operative Area Precision Tracking System
 CARAT  Computer Aided Route Allocation
 CAS  Collision Avoidance Systems
 CASA  Computer Assisted Slot Allocation
 CAT  Client Availability Time
 C-ATSU  Controlling ATSU (i.e. The ATS Unit currently responsible for control)
 CBT  Computer Based Training
 CCTV  Closed Circuit TV
 CDA  Current Data Authority
 CDM  Collaborative Decision Making
 CDTI  Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
 CEAC  Committee for European Airspace Coordination
 CEATS  Central European Air Traffic Services
 CEC  Commission of the European Communities
 CENA  Centre d'Etudes de la Navigation Aerienne
 CEU  Central Executive Unit
 CEU  Commission of the European Union
 CFL  Cleared Flight Level
 CFMU  Central Flow Management Unit
 CFPS  Collaborative Flight Plan Services
 CHG  Change Message
 CHI  Computer Human Interface
 CIDIN  Common ICAO Data Interchange Network
 CINCAT  Capacity INcrease through Computer Assistance Tools
 CIP  Convergence and Implementation Programme
 CM  Context Management (the ATN application used for DLIC in PETAL-II)
 CMA  Context Management Application
 CMU  Communications Management Unit
 CNL  Cancellation Message
 CNS  Communications, Navigation, Surveillance
 CNS/ATM-1  A term replaced by the term ‘ATN’, which is still sometimes used to 
 describe the ATN applications CM, CPDLC, and ADS
 CoE  Centre of Expertise
 COFEE  Checked Operational data FEEder
 COP  Co-ordination Point
 COPS  Common Operational Performance Specification
 CORBA  Common Object Request Broker Architecture
 CPC  Controller Pilot Communications (same as above, but used in the ATN 
 CPDLC  Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (an ATN application used to 
 supply controller aircrew exchange services in PETAL-II)
 CPDM  Collaborative Planning and Decision Making
 CRAM  Conditional Route Availability Message
 CRCO  Central Route Charges Office
 CRS  Contingency Routing Scheme
 CSD  Context and Scope Document
 CT  Computed Tomography
 CTA  Calculated Time of Arrival
 CTC  Common Trajectory Coordination
 CTE  Calculated Entry Time
 CTO  Calculated Time Over
 CTOT  Calculated Take-Off Time
 CTR  Control Zone
 CTX  Calculated Exit Time
 CUTE  Common User Terminal Equipment
 C-VOR  Conventional VHF Omni Directional Range
 CVR  Cockpit Voice Recorder
 CWP  Controller Working Position
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