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 DAC  Douglas Aircraft Corporation
 DAF  Demand Adjustment Factor
 DAP  Downlink Airborne Parameters
 D-ATSUA  downstream ATS unit; an ATS unit responsible for control of an airspace 
 region through or near which the aircraft will progress at some time in the 
 DB  Data Base
 DBP  Database Point
 DCAM  Department for Civil Aviation (Malta)
 DCDU  Datalink Control Display Unit
 DCS  Departure Control System
 DCT  Direct
 DED  Directorate of EATCHIP Development
 DEP  Departure Message
 DeTR  Department of TRansport and environment (see DFT)
 DFDR  Digital Flight Data Recorder
 DFL  Division Flight Level
 DFS  Deutsche Flugsicherung
 DFT  Department For Transport
 DGNSS  Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
 DGPS  Differential Global Positioning Satellites
 DHR  Directorate Human Resources
 DIADAM  Distributed ATM Data Management
 DIS  Distributed Interactive Simulation
 DLA  Delay Message
 DLIC  Data Link Initiation Capability (a datalink function used in PETAL-II to 
 associate technical addresses for datalink with a flight plan in the ground 
 DLR  Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fur Luft - und Raunfahrt
 DME  Distance Measuring Equipment
 DMU  Data Management Unit
 DNA  Direction de la Navigation Aerienne
 DOF  Data Of Flight
 D-OTIS  Data Link Operational Terminal Information Service
 DPS  ATM Data Processing Systems
 DRA  Defence Research Agency (UK)
 DSC  Down Stream Clearance
 D-VOR  Doppler VHF Omni Directional Range
 DUAU  Data Update and Access Unit
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