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 EAD  European AIS Database
 EAM  EUROCONTROL Airspace Model
 EAMG  European ATFM Management Group
 EAS  EUROCONTROL Advisory Services
 EATCHIP  European ATC Harmonisation and Integration Programme
 EATMS  European Air Traffic Management System
 EBAA  European Business Aviation Association
 EBD  EATCHIP Database
 EC  European Commission
 EC  Executive Controller (also referred to as ‘Radar Controller’)
 ECAC  European Civil Aviation Conference
 ECARDA  European Coherent Approach for Research and Development in Air Traffic 
 ECU  European Currency Unit
 EDD  Electronic Data Display
 E.D.D.S.  Explosive Device Detection Systems
 EDS  Explosive Detection System
 E.D.t.S  Explosive Detection Tomography System
 EEC  EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre
 EET  Estimated Elapsed Time
 EFMS  Experimental Flight Management System
 EFPM  Extended Flight Plan Message
 EGNOS  European Geostationary Navgation Overlay Service
 EICAS  Engine Indication and Crew-Alerting System
 EICD  the ACI External Interface Control Document (used for the ATN)
 EID  the ProATN/EOLIA External Interface Definition (used for the ATN)
 ELT  Emergency Locator Transmitter
 ENAC  Ecole nationale de l'aviation civile
 ENNA  Etablissement Nationale de la Navigation Aerienne
 ENOC  European Network Operating System
 ENV  CFMU Environment System
 EOBD  Estimated Off-Block Date
 EOBT  Estimated Off-Block Time
 EOLIA  European pre-Operational Data Link Applications  (European ATN-based 
 datalink trials)
 EONS  EUROCONTROL Open and geNeric graphic System
 EPAC  EATCHIP Project Allocation Committee
 ERROR  A negative logical response (message)
 ESA  European Space Agency
 ESCAPE  EUROCONTROL Simulation Capability And Platform for Experimentation
 ETA  Estimated Time of Arrival
 ETD  Estimated Time of Departure
 E.T.D.S  Explosive Trace Detection Systems
 ETE  Estimated Entry Time
 ETG  European Tripartite Group
 ETO  Estimated Time Over
 ETOPS  Extended-range Twin-engine Operations
 ETOT  Estimated Take-Off Time
 ETX  Estimated Exit Time
 EUR  The European Region in ICAO term
 EUROCAE  European Organisation for Civil Aviation Electronics
 EUROCONTROL  European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
 EWP  EATCHIP Work Programme
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