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 FAA  Federal Aviation Administration (USA)
 FAB  Functional Airspace Blocks
 FAFEP  FANS-1/A Front-End Processor
 FANS  Future Air Navigation Systems
 FANS-1  FANS-1 Future Air Navigation System 1, the initial pre-ATN Boeing and 
 Douglas Aircraft Corporation implementation of FANS.
 FANS-1/A  Future Air Navigation System 1/A, the combined name for the initial 
 pre-ATN Boeing, Aerospatiale, and Airbus Industrie implementation of
 FANS (also known as AIM-FANS (Airbus Interoperable Modular)).
 FANS-A  Future Air Navigation System A, the initial pre-ATN Aerospatiale and Airbus  
 Industrie implementaiton of FANS (also known as AIM-FANS (Airbus 
 Interoperable Modular)). 
 FAP  Future ATM Profile (project)
 FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
 FAR  Federal Aviation Regulation (United States)
 FARAWAY  Fusion of Radar and ADS Data through two way data link
 FCM  Flight Confirmation Message
 FDFM  Flight Data and Flow Management Group
 FDM  Flight Data Message
 FDO  CFMU Flight Data Operations Division
 FDP  Flight Data Processing
 FDPS  Flight Data Processing System
 FDR  Flight Data Recorder
 FIC  Flight Information Centre
 FID  Flight Identification; the flight’s callsign as filed in field 7 of the ICAO flight  
 FIDS  Flight Information Display System
 FIR  Flight Information Region
 FIW  Flight Plan Input Workstation
 FL  Flight Level
 FLOS  Flight Level Orientation Scheme
 FLS  Flight Suspension message
 FLTRUL  Flight Rules (ADEXP)
 FMC  Flight Management Computer
 FMP  Flow Management Position
 FMS  Flight Management System
 FMU  Flow Management Unit
 FNM  Flight Notification Message
 FOP  FMP Operational Procedures
 FPD  Flight Plan Data
 FPL  Flight Plan Message (ICAO format)
 FPM  Flight Plan Message
 FPPS  Flight Plan Processing System
 FPWO  Flight Plan Workstation Operator
 FRC  Flight Plan (Route) Conformance (service)
 FREER  Free Route Experimental Encounter Resolution
 FSDO  Flight Standards District Office, FAA (United States)
 FSS  Flight Service Station (United States)
 ft  Foot/Feet
 FTFM  Filed Tactical Flight Model
 FUA  Flexible Use of Airspace 
 FYROM  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
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