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 IAA  Irish Aviation Authority
 IACC  Civil Aviation Institute (Cuba)
 IACH  Individual ATC Modification Message
 IANS  Institute of Air Navigation Services
 IAPL  Individual ATC Flight Plan Message
 IARR  Individual Arrival Message
 IAS  Indicated Airspeed
 IATA  International Air Transport Association
 ICAO  International Civil Aviation Organisation
 ICHG  Individual Modification Message
 ICNL  Individual Cancellation Message
 IDA  Initial Distribution Area
 IDEP  Individual Departure Message
 IDLA  Individual Delay Message
 IEFPM  Individual EFPM
 IFATSEA  International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Association
 IFP  Keyword from IFPS in Field 18
 IFPAU  IFPS Applicable Unit
 IFPD  Individual FPD
 IFPL  Individual Flight Plan Message
 IFPM  Individual FPM
 IFPO  IFPS Workstation Operator
 IFPRU  IFPS Responsible Unit
 IFPS  Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System
 IFPU-1  IFPS Unit - Haren Brussels (Belgium)
 IFPU2  IFPS Unit Two Inmarsat International Maritime Satellite Organisation
 IFPU-2  Integrated initial Flight Plan Processing System Unit 2.
 IFPU-2  IFPS Unit - Brιtigny-sur-Orge (France)
 IFR  Instrument Flight Rules
 IIMSES  Initial Implementation of Mode S Enhanced Surveillance
 ILS  Instrument Landing System
 INESC  INstituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores
 Inmarsat  International Maritime Satellite Organisation 
 INS  Information Network Services
 I/O  Input/Output
 IOCD  Initial Operational Concept Document
 IPAS  Integrated Preparation and Analysis System
 IRMA  Intermediate Redesign of MCC Architecture
 IRPD  Internal Repetitive Flight Data Plan Data
 IRPL  Internal Repetitive Flight Plan
 IRS  Inertial Reference System
 ISO  International Standards Organisation
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