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 MA  Message Assurance, a technical response used in PETAL-II to emulate the 
 required LACK and ERROR downlink functionality. 
 MADAP  Maastricht Automatic Data Processing and Display System
 MAN  Manual
 MASPS  Minimum Aircraft System Performance Standard
 MASS  Multi-Aircraft Simplified Simulator
 MATIAS  Magyar Automated and Integrated Air Traffic Control System
 MATSE  ECAC Transport Ministers Meeting on the Air Traffic System in Europe
 MATSE/5  5th Meeting of Ministers of Air Traffic Services of ECAC
 MATSIM  Matias Simulator
 MCC  Main Computer Complex
 MCDU  Multipurpose Cockpit Display Unit
 MCDU  Multifunctional Control and Display Unit
 MCS  Multi-Aircraft Cockpit Simulator
 MDV  Model Development (Centre of Expertise)
 MECU  Millions of ECU
 MEO  Medium Earth Orbit
 METAR  Meteorological Aviation Report
 MFEP  Mode-S Front-End Processor
 MFL  Maximum Flight Level
 MFS  Message from Shanwick
 MFUR  Most Frequently Used Route 
 MLS  Microwave Landing System
 MMI  Man Machine Interface (interchangeable with HMI)
 MMR  Military Mandatory Radar
 MXEU  Millions of ECU (Financial Context)
 MODE S  SSR Selective Interrogation Mode
 MOSD  Mission Objectives and Strategy Document
 MSG  Message
 MSSR  Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar
 MSSS  Mode S Specific Services
 MUAC  Maastricht Upper Airspace Control Centre
 MTCA  Medium-Term Conflict Alert
 MUD  MUD Danger area designated by Cuba
 MUP  Prohibited area designated by Cuba 
 MXEU  Millions of ECU (Financial Context) 
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