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 OAC  Oceanic Area Control Centre
 OACC  Oceanic Area Control Centre
 OAG  Official Airline Guides
 OASIS  Open Architecture for Simulation Systems
 OAT  Operational Air Traffic
 OCD  Operational Concept Document
 OCM  Oceanic Clearance Message
 ODIAC  Operational Development of Intial Air/Ground data Communications Services
 ODIAC-TF  Operational Development of Integrated Surveillance and A/G Data Communications Sub-Group
 ODID  Operational Display and Input Development
 ODS  Operator Input and Display System
 ODT  Operational requirements and Data processing system Team
 OFIS  Operational Flight Information Service
 OLDI  On-Line Data Interchange 
 OLR  Off-Load Route
 OM  Original Message
 OMEGA  OMEGA/Very Low Frequency (VLF) Navigation System
 Operational ATC  Used for operations; connected with the operations of ATC.
 OPR  ATM Operational Requirements (Domain of EATCHIP)
 OpRep  Operational Reply
 ORCAM  Originating Region Code Allocation Method
 ORGN  Originator
 ORM  Operational Reply Message
 OSD  Operational Scenarios Document
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