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 P2FEP  PETAL-II Front-End Processor
 PALLAS  Phased Automation of the Hellenic ATC Radar System
 PAM  Aircrew Acknowledgement Message
 PAPI  precision approach path indicator
 PATIO  Platform for ATM Tool Integration up to pre-Operation
 PATROCLOS  Peripheral Airports Terminal Radars, ODS and Centrally Linked Operations
 PD  Phare Demonstration
 PD/1  Phare Demonstration 1
 PD3  PHARE Demonstration Number 3
 PDN  Planned Flight Data
 PEDS  Primary Explosive Detection System
 PEL  Planned Entry Level
 PETAL  Preliminary EUROCONTROL Test of Air/Ground data Link
 PETAL-II  Preliminary EUROCONTROL Test of Air/ground data Link, Phase II
 PFA  Probability of False Alarm
 PFD  Planned Flight Data
 PHARE  Programme for Harmonisation of ATM Research in EUROCONTROL
 Aid for the Reconstruction of the Economy (EC) 
 PLC  Planning Controller (also referred to as Coordinator)
 PLC  Programmable logic controller
 POD  Probability of detection
 PPD  Pilot Preferences Downlink (datalink service)
 PPO  PETAL-II Project Office
 PRM  Precision Runway Monitor 
 PRO-ATN  Prototype Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
 PSR  Primary Surveillance Radar
 PSTN  Public Switched Telephone Network
 PVD  Plan View Display
 PWP  Published Way Point
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