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 RAC  Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Control
 RAF  Reference ATN Facility
 RADAR  Radio Detection and Ranging
 RAID  Redundant Array of Independent Disks
 RAIM  Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
 RAMS  Reorganised ATC Mathematical Simulator
 RASCAL  Radar Sharing Calculation
 RASS  Radar Analysis Support System
 RASS C  RASS - Centre
 RASS S  RASS - Site
 R-ATSU  The receiving ATS unit (i.e. the ATS unit that will next assume control)
 responsibility of a flight)
 RCC  Rescue Coordination Centre
 RCHG  Repetitive Flight Plan Data Modification Message
 RCNL  Repetitive Flight Plan Data Cancellation Message
 RDP  Radar Data Processing
 RDPS  Radar Data Processing System
 RDT  Research, Development and Testing
 REFPM  Repetitive Extended FPM
 REGUL  Regulation (ATFM restriction)
 REJ  Rejection
 REJCTOT  Rejected Calculated Take-Off Time
 RELEASE  Release, a message type in OLDI context 
 RER  Rerouteing
 RFID  Radio Frequency IDentification
 RFL  Requested Maximum Flight Level
 RFP  Replacement Flight Plan
 RFPD  Repetitive Flight Plan Data
 RFPM  Replacement Flight Plan Message
 RFS  Radar Fallback System
 RLST  Revised List (for RPLs)
 RMCDE  Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment
 RMK  Remarks
 RNAV  Area Navigation
 RNP  Required Navigation Performance
 RNP-1  Required Navigation Performance Level 1
 RNP-5  Required Navigation Performance Level 5
 RO  RPL Office
 ROF  Request on Frequency, a message type in OLDI context
 ROI  Return On Investment
 ROVC  Rate Of Vertical Change
 RPF  Rapid Prototyping Facility
 RPL  Repetitive Flight Plan
 RQP  Request Flight Plan Message
 RQS  Request Supplementary Information
 RREC  Repetitive Flight Plan Recovery Message
 RSMU  Remote Satellite Measurement Units
 RSO  Route per State Overflown
 RSUS  Repetitive Flight Plan Suspension Message
 R/T  Radiotelephony
 RTA  TACT Remote Terminal
 RTCA  Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (USA)
 RTD  Research and Technological Development
 RTFM  Regulated Tactical Flight Model
 RUG  RAMS User Group
 RVR  Runway Visual Range
 RVSM  Reduced Vertical Separation Minima
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