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 SAAM  Systems for flows Assignment and Analysis at Macroscopic level
 SAC  System Assisted Coordination
 SAC  Sort allocation computer
 SAL  Slot Allocation List
 SAM  Slot Allocation Message
 SAPPHIRE  Satellite and Aircraft Database Programme for System Integrity Research
 SAR  Search and Rescue
 SARPS  (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices
 SAS  Scandinavian Airline System
 SASS  Surveillance Analysis & Support System
 SASS-C  Surveillance Analysis & Support System for ATC Centre
 SATCOM  Satellite Communications
 SBFI  System Banking Furniture International
 SCADA  Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
 SCRAD  Steering Committee for Research And Development
 SDPD  Surveillance Data Processing and Distribution
 SEAD  South East Air Defense sector, NORAD (United States)
 Service  An abstract noun which is used to designate functions, or a service
 rendered. In the context of this document, ‘Service’ refers to a set of
 actions, both system supported and manual, which have a clearly defined
 operational goal and which begin and end on an operational event
 SES  Single European Sky
 SESAME  Single European Sky Implementation Programme
 SESAR  Single European Sky ATM Research
 SEU  Software Engineering Unit (Centre of Expertise)
 SICTA  Sistemi Innovativi per il Controllo del Traffico Aereo
 SID  Standard Instrument Departure
 SIERA  SIM5+ Extension Requirements Analysis
 SIGMET  Information issued by a meteorological watch office concerning the
 occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route
 weather phenomena which may affect the safety of aircraft operations.
 SIL  Sector Inbound List
 SIM5+ EEC  Real-time simulator (Enhanced Fifth Generation) 
 SIMMOD  Simulation Model
 SIP  Slot Improvement Proposal Message
 SIT1  Slot Issue Time parameter 1 (e.g.: 2H before EOBT)
 SIT2  Slot Issue time parameter 2 (e.g.: 1H before CTOT)
 SITA  Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
 SITATEX  Software developed by SITA
 SKIP  SKIP, a message type in OLDI context
 SLC  Slot Requirement Cancellation Message
 SMGCS  Surface Movement Guidance & Control System
 SMM  Slot Missed Message
 SNA  Satellite Navigation Applications
 SPA  Slot Proposal Acceptance Message
 spd  Assigned speed 
 SPS-T  Siemens-Plessy System Thompson/CSF
 SRD  Software Requirement Document
 SRJ  Slot Proposal Rejection Message
 SRM  Slot Revision Message
 SRP  Slot reference Point
 SRR  Slot Revision Request Message
 SSM  Standard Schedule Message
 SSR  Secondary Surveillance Radar
 STA  Scheduled Time of Arrival
 STAR  Standard Arrival Route
 STAR  Studies, Tests and Applied Research
 STD  Scheduled Time of Departure
 STOL  Short Take-off and Landing
 STRAT  CFMU Strategic System
 SYSCO  System to System Co-ordination
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