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 TA  Time of Arrival
 TACT  Tactical Flow Management Working Position
 TACT  Tactical System of the CFMU
 T-ADLP  Trials Air Data Link Process
 TAR  Trials ATN Router
 TAS  True Airspeed
 T-ATSU  The transferring ATS unit (i.e. the ATS unit that is transferring control
 responsibility of a flight)
 TCAS  Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
 TDMA  Time Division Multiple Access
 TEN  Trans-European Networks
 TES  Trials End System (for ATN)
 TFC  Traffic
 TFL  Transfer Flight Level
 TFT  Thin Film Transistor (lcd – liquid crystal display screen)
 TIP  Threat Image Projection
 T-GDLP  Trials Ground Data Link Processor
 TMA  Terminal Control Area
 TMA  Terminal Manoeuvre Area
 TMT  CFMU Technical Monitoring Team
 TOC  Top of Climb
 TOD  Top of Descent
 TOI  Temporary Operating Instruction
 TOS  Traffic Orientation Scheme
 TOSCA  Testing Operational Scenarios for Concepts in ATM
 TRANSFER  Transfer, a message type in OLDI context
 TS  Task Scheduler/Reminder
 TSA  Transportation Security Administration
 TSC  Technical Surveillance Complex
 TSD  Time Sequence Diagram
 TSD  Traffic Situation Display
 TU  Technical University
 TWDL  Two Way Data Link (a FANS-1/A application used to supply controller
 aircrew exchange services in PETAL-II)
 TWR  Aerodrome Control Tower
 TX  Exit Time
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