Aviation Security in the Community after Implementation of Regulation 2320/2002 (R2320/2002) of European Parliament and Council on Common Rules in the Field of Civil Aviation Security

That regulatory framework has since been overhauled by a new framework, in full effect from 29 April 2010, as laid down by Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2008 on common rules in the field of civil aviation security and repealing Regulation (EC) No 2320/2002.

Since 11/09/2001: Existence of European Regulations in the field of aviation security at all EU Members States superseding national laws  


The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for the planning, growth, application, follow-up and maintenance of the Security National Program of Civil Aviation (SNPCA). Also it has the responsibility to co-ordinate all the proper carriers to follow up all the procedures included in the Security of Civil Aviation.  

The Aim of the National Program of Civil Aviation is to define standards of Security, procedures and ways for the prevention and confrontation of illegal acts against the Civil Aviation that could be committed on the ground as well as during the flight.

All the above are materialized by the Airports Security Division of Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority [H.C.A.A.]

The Airports Security Division of Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority takes the necessary measures for the prevention and confrontation of illegal acts against to the Security of Hellenic Civil Aviation and air transports of Greek interests to other Countries, it represents Greece in the various International meetings of Air Transportations Security, it collaborates with international Aviation Security organizations, governmental or not and it takes the necessary measures for the jointly prevention and confrontation of illegal acts against the Security of Civil Aviation .  

Electronic Engineers of Electronic Security means and devices Department have the responsibility of the necessary technical specifications drawing of Electronic Security means, devices and Systems which could be installed to all Greek Civil Aviation airports and installations jointly with Electronics Engineers Division of H.C.A.A.

Also :

they have the responsibility of qualitative technical controls of all electronic Security means, devices and systems in the all Greek airports .

they participate in the organization and the planning of the Civil Aviation Security measures against illegal acts, applying the recommendations of EU, ICAO and other International Organisms relative to the Security of Civil Aviation.

They represent Greece, in the various meetings of European Union and international organisms (eg ECAC-TTF) for air transportations Security subjects.

they participate in the development of studies and the definitions of general requirements, relative with the Security measures which must be applied by air carriers, in the organization and the definitions of education requirements of H.C.A.A personnel, of the ground personnel of airlines, of the flying personnel, of the personnel of the private companies that provides services of safety in civil aviation airports as well as personnel of Security of other aviation carriers, that is activated in air transportations field.

they cooperate and exchange opinions with corresponding services and institutions of other states and international organisms on issues education, organization and import of know-how, where it is required.

they record the needs and propose for the completion and upgrade of Security measures.

They take care of the needs of HCAA units in electronic means and electronic Security systems and the supply and installation of suitable equipment, devices and Systems for the airports Security and aviation installations of HCAA responsibility.

They take care of planning, manufacture, extension or rearrangement of airports areas and their installations of responsibility taking into consideration the relative Security requirements.

They take care of the creation of units of Security in the airports and aviation installations of their responsibility, included central and special units, the sufficient crewing and their unhindered operation for the maintenance of satisfactory level of security.

They take care of the guarantee of airports and aviation installations with the sufficient crewing and education of suitable personnel that will practice the forecasted procedures of security.

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